How Can SEO Help Your Business?

Far too often businesses are utilizing a digital marketing agency to run their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, but don’t even have a clue what the acronym means, let alone know what they are paying the agency to do. Long story short, an SEO’s job is to help your business GROW! In a world where people of all ages and backgrounds are constantly glued to a screen, SEO should be an essential piece of your marketing efforts. By optimizing your business’ website for organic search, you are allowing your products and/or services to be discovered and explored by people that didn’t even know your company existed. In return, opening the potential to grow your business exponentially.

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For example, the majority of people use Google (or Bing) to search for things like “video production services san francisco
” or “kids jiu-jitsu in San Diego”. When people search for these kinds of queries, you’d want your website (when relevant) to come up on page one, yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” How do you do that, you might ask? The answer is good ol’ SEO!

Most experts agree that the top 3 ranking signals that impact SEO are content, links, and RankBrain. Content is an obvious factor as sites need engaging copy and entertaining pages for their users. Links earn your site rankings boosts though the “value” that each link gives. This can be tricky as link equity (also called link juice) varies. Check out this great link juice resource for further reading. RankBrain is Google’s AI program. Search Engine Land has a great resource on the subject as well.

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On average, we have seen that once a site begins partaking in SEO best practices, both traffic to the site and conversions dramatically increase. However, as an SEO, the fun doesn’t stop there. Once we are able to track data on how your site reacts to different tactics being implemented, whether it be through link building or content writing, we can then utilize that data and continue to act on what is working, refining the tactics that are not performing as well, and stay a step ahead of Google’s infamous Algorithm. Most importantly, by taking a deep dive into the data, we can continue to drive growth by allowing potential customers to discover your products and/or services. Still wondering how SEO can help your business? Check out the full infographic below! Hang it on your office refrigerator and spread the word to your colleagues – Partaking in SEO is truly in your business best interest.

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Why SEO? Understanding, Optimizing & Implementing

Problem: Let’s say you own a camping supply store and just launched your website. You have a ton of images displaying different types of items your store offers. Here’s the problem: Search engines can’t identify those images. They have no idea if that image is a picture of a tent or a picture of a German Shepard. That’s one way SEO is used. SEO efforts embed different tags and text on the back-end of your website to ensure search engines know exactly what you offer. This way, when people are searching for camping supply stores Google feels confident in bringing up your website because it knows it is relevant.

Implementing: When launching an SEO campaign we focus on two different strategies. Onsite SEO and offsite SEO. With onsite, our team makes sure your page has everything that would affect ranking factors. We recreate your content to use the most relevant keywords you want to rank for, update tags, add more thorough descriptions and make sure all of your URLs are search engine friendly. The second phase is offsite SEO where we make sure your page is being linked to from other reputable websites, utilize social media outlets/review sites, and really create overall buzz about your company.

Fact: By having a page that organically ranks high on search engines, you give consumers a vote of confidence. How many times did you search for a plumber near you and travel to the second page of Google? Most people would say never.