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Strategizing with Videos

Strategizing with Videos by Aron Yu (onebyone self storage locator)
Everybody wants there website for their business to land on the first page of Google. However, it isn’t as easy as you might think. There are ways to do so in which most people do not know of, you need to create video for your storage facility.

People are oblivious to the fact that YouTube is the second-largest search engine right behind Google, and that Google actually owns YouTube. By creating a video you are doubling the chances of your business to be on the front page. Videos also show up in search engine results pages (SERPs), this is because Google has a blended search. When images, maps, news stories etc, also show up on the side of the normal Google search results, it is called Blended Search. Major search engines usually now offer the same experience.

Local businesses should be submitting their maps on just about any search engine that they can come across; however, there are many competitors. Text-based results would be harder to get on the first page rather than video. Creating a video will give you a fifty times’ better chance of getting on the front page of search results rather than any text-based page. This means that you would be competing with only six business otherwise you would be competing against about 300.

There are benefits that come with adding a video to YouTube. You can add key-words, links, descriptions, and many more benefits. Google suggests that engaging content on websites such as videos should be used more often to increase chances of SEO. Not only does it help out with SEO but it will also help with customer follow-through. If you were to just have a text-based website then most likely the customer would not be engaged. By creating a video the customer will see it and most likely want to watch it. You only need to get their attention and your customer traffic will increase. Also, another thing that is always good to add to your site is a virtual tour. It gives the customer a walk-through of the storage facility to draw their attention.

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