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NDMR is a print and Internet Yellow Page agency specializing in regional and national advertising for over fifteen years. We provide a high impact, cost effective print, Internet Yellow Page campaign and search engine marketing campaigns with proven results.

We are a member of the Yellow Page Integrated Media Association, and are qualified and designated as a Certified Marketing Representative. This allows us to place all of your Yellow Page print advertising, and online Internet Yellow Page advertising at national discounted rates worldwide.

Trust us to change your current Yellow Page advertising into a dynamic, cost-effective, call-generating program. Our experience is unmatched, and our commitment to our clients is unwavering.

We help our regional and national advertisers receive the same expertise afforded to the larger national competitors, and give them an edge over the local businesses. We identify their needs and goals, and utilize our buying power with the publishers to obtain larger discounts.

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Google Panda 4.2 is Finally Here

Google Panda has gotten yet another refresh this weekend. You’re probably wondering what we’re referring to, as you may not have noticed any differences just yet. That’s only because the rollout of the latest update is happening fairly slowly. Google says it will likely take months for the update to


Facebook Wants You To Shop

“Soon, not only will you be able to like, poke, and share on Facebook, but thanks to a new test you will also be able to purchase product.”  Facebook has grown from a platform used to connect with friends, socialize, and mindlessly share content, to a multi-functional asset that allows you


Social Media Mistakes

I often hear from clients that social media marketing is “easy” and that “anyone can do it” or that they’d rather pay their best friend’s 17 year-old niece to do it because she’s “really into Facebook and stuff.” Yes, these are real things I’ve heard before. Many times I witness


The Importance of SEO

Organic search engine optimization is still an essential part of a marketing strategy and needs to be implemented as such. There are several reasons why SEO is still extremely important and why your business should be investing in its strategy. SEO still works and the techniques used to consistently improve


Responsive vs Adaptive Web Design

With new tablets, mobile devices, and digital watches being churned out by tech companies faster than most can keep up with, it’s becoming increasingly important to generate an ease of accessibility of websites on various devices. Which means that marketers need to consider all of the variables when designing a website for


Content Marketing Mistakes

You’ve heard it all before, “Content is King.” It’s not wrong! According to a 2014 Demand Gen Report, 75% of B2B buyers rely more on content research to make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. On top of that, the cost of content marketing is 62% less than


8 Ways to Anger Your Email Unsubscribers

Unfortunately, no matter how great your marketing newsletter may be, there will undoubtedly be those who are unsatisfied in your marketing lifetime. Whether it be because you emailed them one too many times, or because they just don’t need your information any longer; people are going to want to leave occasionally. That’s OK

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Yesterday, Google began rolling out the “mobile-friendly update” globally. What does this mean for advertisers? Pages that are mobile-friendly will get a boost in rankings on mobile search results. Searchers will be able to more-readily find relevant results without having to alter their mobile visibility to absorb the content. “Mobile-friendly” is described