SEO Case Study


The Pain Point:

After completely rebuilding their entire website, The RV Man was still having trouble garnishing desired keyword rankings and driving a notable about of organic traffic but didn't quite know why.

With the belief that they were missing out on a large number of promotion and sales opportunities due to their poor organic search presence, they turned to NDMR. They came to NDMR with the goal of drastically improving their rankings and increase their overall organic traffic volume.

Together, we achieved just that.

Organic Results After 12 Months:

Keyword Rankings:
In 12 months we were able to increase keyword rankings and visibility by over +755%

Organic Traffic:
In response to this rapid keyword visibility growth, we were also able to increase the amount of organic traffic being driven to the site by +1,706%!


+755% Keyword Growth

+1,706% Traffic Growth

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What NDMR Did to Exceed Their Goal:

The first thing we did when The RV Man approached us (and what we do for all clients seeking SEO guidance) was conducted a comprehensive on-page, technical, and local audit, which helps us better understand the clients overall business and how we can help. Furthermore, our in-depth audits help us discover the domains biggest pain points and what specific SEO tactics will help successfully move the SEO needle in a timely fashion.

Once we have determined what would best help improve their organic presence, we begin our process of deep research, intelligent campaign planning, project fulfillment, and finally, implementation. In the case of The RV Man, through our strategic keyword mapping, consistent authority building, implementation of keyword rich content, net new keyword specific page build outs and implementing necessary 301's, we were able to quickly turn their organic presence into a year-long positive trend. We experienced a +755% growth in keyword ranking and +1,706% growth in organic traffic to be exact!

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