How To Increase Google Page Speed Test Score to 100

We all dislike it…sites that take forever to load. There we are, going about our wonderful lives when all of the sudden, we encounter a site that stares back at us with a blank white page. Why does the universe do us like that?… Even worse, what if your site is a blank white page, turning away customers before they have even had a chance to interact with your brand? In this fast-paced world, a fast loading website is crucial. Google has created a Tool called Page Speed to, not only identify what parts of your site are causing delay, but how to fix them. Here are some common factors that have a significant impact on website speed and why site speed in important:


Slow Page Speed

It all starts with impatience. We have become so thirsty that we literally will not wait longer than the blink of an eye for pages to load. It can be explained with the Houston Airport Case Study. Coupled with the fact that fast sites are the gold standard today, it’s easy to see that slow sites don’t stand a chance.


Mobile Baby!

It doesn’t take a Executive Mechanical Engineer to tell you that mobile is the present and future. There’s over a billion people with smartphones nowadays and successful websites have blazing mobile site speeds. Optimizing your mobile site speed is the first step to reaching ideal site speed. Google wants to see that you have customized your mobile site for many resolutions.  


Downsize Code

The goal is to decrease your code’s size so it loads faster. As programmers build, they sometimes leave extra spaces that increase their size and delay load time. Scan through your JavaScript and CSS code with the intent to minify.



For the browser to render your page, it must first make a build a treelike structure called a DOM (document object model). While creating the DOM, if the parser encounters a render blocking script, it must execute the script which will cause loading lag. To avoid this lag, place your render blocking script below the fold.



You want to avoid the use of plugins, especially for mobile. Plugins are a large source of headache due to their incidental nature in terms of browser support. Its best to avoid them if possible. Rather than plugins, use native methods for graphics, video, audio and other effects.


Your server will also affect your site’s ability to reach a 100% score so take it into account on your pursuit of a perfect Google Page Speed Score!

Where Have All My Google Reviews Gone?

First off, why are Google Reviews important?

As a business, Google Reviews are valuable because they are an unbiased third party opinion. We are a community influenced by social proof and seeing a slew of positive Google Reviews tends to place the company in a preferable light. In addition, Google Reviews are a significant variable that contribute to a site’s search rank. When you search for “Coffee”, what pops up? Go ahead, try it! You get a description of coffee, yes. But, you also get a listing of places near you that sell coffee. And, as a local business, you really want to be on the list. As with all results on Google, the closer your business is to the top of the page, the better.

How do the Google Reviews get lost?

The main reason Google Reviews disappear is inactivity. Yes, there are other factors that may cause Google Reviews to disappear, but the big one is inactivity. When a business does not update its Google+ page for a period of 6 months, there is a high probability the listing will become unverified. After a 6 month hiatus, Google decides you are no longer interested in playing ball so it kicks you off the team. This affects page ranking and your precious reviews. Other reasons your reviews may have vanished include:

  • Links in reviews
  • Spam reviews
  • Reviews are private

How do I keep them?

In order to prevent Google Reviews from evaporating, make sure you’re active on your Google+ account. Simple. Sharing other Google+ members’ content, posting updates and photos will keep your account active and work to preserve those precious reviews. This will also maintain/ grow your Google+ community and expand your reach on social media.


So, how can we get our reviews back now that we lost them?


Migs Bassig has a great set of steps to get your Google Reviews back:


  1. Log into Google My Business.
  2. In the upper left corner, open the menu and choose “All Locations”.
  3. If prompted, verify that you are authorized to manage this business and agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Click “Manage Location”.
  5. From the Location page, click “Edit”.
  6. Open the Maps section.
  7. Click “Edit Marker Location”.
  8. Wiggle the map marker just a tiny bit and save.

If needed, contact Google Customer Support.


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