Why You Should Leverage Retargeting

If you have done any online shopping, you have probably seen retargeting in action. Retargeting works by displaying ads to website visitors who may have not converted, helping remind potential customers of products/services. Here is an example of the retargeting process.

1. Online shopper is searching for a new Seattle Seahawks jacket


2. Later in the day the user goes to check sports news to see when the next Seahawks game is. User is hit with a retargeted display ad.


3.  User is then hit with additional retargeted display ads on two different websites



As you can see, retargeting is a powerful way to keep your products, and services in front of potential buyers. We believe retargeting is best used in addition to existing AdWords or content marketing campaigns.

By meagan
February 2, 2016

Meagan started her marketing career in Los Angeles, where she gained experience with Google AdWords, design, rebranding, reputation management and lead generation. Prior to her role at New Dimension, Meagan managed multiple marketing campaigns in the consumer finance industry, and worked with several large law firms. Meagan stays current on digital marketing trends, and technologies in order to help brands stay relevant.

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