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You have a problem. We have a solution. Our brainstorms thrive on finding the most profitable & efficient solutions for the everyday business challenge. Whether it is a small or large "issue", we thoroughly enjoy using our intellect to think outside the box to face any challenge. Our office consists of hungry methodical thinkers. Read More

Our strategies are effective, methodical and affordable. Brand consulting firms will cost you $5,000+/month and that does not even include the consult Read More

  • 1. Probe, Understand
  • 2. Renew, Revitalize, Reinvent
  • 3. Promote
  • 4. Observe, Monitor
  • 5. Social Networking
  • 6. Evaluate & Measure ROI
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News & Publications

  • All New Update to YouTube’s Analytics September 29, 2014

    YouTube’s Analytics got a serious overhaul with an upgrade that will change the way you view your YouTube interactions. What makes something as arbitrary as reporting tools so unique? How about viewing the updates to your video in real-time?
    Continue reading All New Update to YouTube’s Analytics

  • Google Brings Us Snippets September 26, 2014

    True to Google form, it was found that the fine folk of Google were testing some form of knowledge graph data within the snippet of search results. Now, Google has officially confirmed the new feature on their Google Research Blog.
    Continue reading Google Brings Us Snippets

  • Mobile Ads Are Getting an Overhaul September 24, 2014

    Big(ger) things are coming to your mobile ads! Google released a recent statement that starting on October 15th mobile ads will have a new potential that supports ad extensions, rather than the previous short description lines. It’s no surprise that this will have some effect on how mobile ads will be created in the future, so what will this mean for new mobile strategies? Mobile PPC isn’t going to be an afterthought any longer. While mobile PPC may not encompass a huge chunk or your marketing strategy, it needs to be acknowledged in a way it hasn’t been before. Whether it has been before or not, mobile is going to be a part of your PPC game from choosing to aggressively target mobile users, only allowing calls, and more. With mobile ad extensions potentially taking over your second description line, you need to start re-thinking the fluency of your copy within your ad space.

    Thinking Comprehensively

    Think about how you use a mobile phone. With smaller screens and multiple app distractions, your attention span for mobile use is shorter and less defined than other mediums. Therefore the ads you place for mobile use need to be clear and succinct from first glance. Most mobile websites already have taken on this concept as they are thinned out versions of the full-desktop site, so it only makes sense to do the same for the ads for mobile as well. As a general rule of thumb, keep description lines (both line one and two combined) around 60 characters. You may also consider ending the first description line with a period to create a more attractive ad.

    Here’s an example of an ad that uses this “extended headline” (description line ending with a period) and the description in that line contains the call to action.

    Image of mobile ad

    With this method, you’re getting a message, and a call to action across in the first line, keeping the important information in tact in case the second line is removed for the ad extension(s). The pitch still gets across in a short and sweet manner.

    Ad Extensions Specifically for Mobile

    Similarly to how desktop ads work, mobile ads have extensions as a second part of the ad equation. However, with a different platform, specific tailoring needs to be done to work with mobile ads. Remember, short and to the point is the goal on the smaller mobile user experience. A few mobile specific extensions include, but are not limited to:

    • Location
    • Call
    • App
    • etc.

    You’re always going to need a second description line in mobile ads, however with improved ad extensions, they can be a great substitution. You’re going to start getting more options for your ads, rather than the usual headline and couple description lines. So how is this different than what you’re already used to? For starters, there is a line less of text that is not clickable, and more importantly for your users, it will be a much more fluid appearance and make more sense to the clicker. That is, if you’re designing a well thought out description and extension. You’ll have an abundance of clickable choices for you to customize your extension appearance.  Why else are ad extensions for mobile so important to your strategy? They are factored into the quality score algorithm for rankings. Don’t drag your feet when it comes to getting on board with this update. The extensions are going to have a serious impact on your ad ranking ability, and in the end: your success in the mobile ad world.

    The Verdict?

    While we’re certain this new update won’t decide your fate in mobile performance, it will help give you an edge against the competition. Ultimately, the goal is to have clean descriptions, clear action points, and designs that are going to drive engagement. With a smaller attention span on mobile, you need every weapon in your arsenal to get ahead.

  • The Many “Faces” of Facebook September 22, 2014

    As usual, Facebook loves to keep its users on their toes. However this time, it appears they’re trying to listen to their users. After some backlash the platform received based on its lack of news-based information: i.e. Ice Bucket dumping instead of Ferguson coverage,  they decided to respond. Facebook announced that it’s making changes to the News Feed flow (again) focusing on pushing more timely posts to its users.
    Continue reading The Many “Faces” of Facebook

  • What Can Digital Marketing Do For You? September 19, 2014

    In case you’re still not realizing this, yes you should be marketing digitally. Continue reading What Can Digital Marketing Do For You?

  • Comparing Hootsuite & Sprout Social August 3, 2014


    Which social media management tool is better? Here’s a Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social Infographic to help you decide.

    Continue reading Comparing Hootsuite & Sprout Social

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New Dimension Marketing & Research is a results oriented advertising and marketing company. For over ten years, the company has been a leader in the placement of print and internet Yellow Page advertising both regionally and nationally. NDM&R is a member of the Yellow Page Integrated Media Association and is Qualified and Designated as a CMR (Certified Marketing Representative). We provide a high impact, cost effective print, Yellow Page, Internet and search engine marketing campaigns with proven results. NDM&R will change your current advertising program into a dynamic, cost effective, call-generating program. Our experience is unmatched and commitment to our clients is unwavering.

NDM&R has grown along with the evolution of online media, by offering a variety of online products such as; Internet Yellow Page campaigns, SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns. We handle the technical aspects of advertising online, which allows our clients to grow their business. Your company will be seen and heard in the fastest growing segment of advertising. This consists of developing, placing and measuring effective PPC (Pay per Click) programs. NDM&R understands the importance and long-term benefit of Search Engine Optimization for your website. We utilize on-site and off-site techniques to improve your websites positioning within Google and a multitude of search engines.

Full Service Quality Art Department

Quality Ad Design: Concise-Engaging-Persuasive-Attention Getting. Your ad must make your phone ring.
Your ad is one of the most critical pieces of your advertising campaign. We know that design and layout must draw the customer’s eye to the ad, answer the customer’s questions and get them to dial the phone… in a few seconds.

Our use of imagery and graphics bring your ad to life! As our client you will receive FREE state of the art magazine quality style ads for your print Yellow Page advertising. Let’s get started today!

Balanced Approach to Successful Marketing

New Dimension M&R is the best way to reach more clients- cost effectively. Are you ready to begin?
LOWER YOUR COST PER LEAD.  With our buying power and CMR discount incentives, we can increase your ROI (Return on Investment). 

  • We thoroughly review your current advertising program.  Whether it’s Internet, Yellow Pages, TV, Radio or other print, we provide our clients with a targeted, refined approach to identify and reach the target market efficiently.  With our buying power, we are often able to get additional and enhanced advertising for our clients at no additional cost. 
  • Customized easy-to-read- spreadsheets to track your entire advertising program at a glance.
  • Tracking reports emailed to you.
  • One Contact- An experienced, dedicated account manager will handle all of your media planning and creative advertising needs. Consistency across your entire advertising campaign.
  • One Billing Invoice: Customized to fit your needs-easy to reconcile-flexible terms.

"You are only one quality decision away from a new beginning."

NDM&R is a full service advertising agency.

  • Radio and Television:  We apply an agency discount and place it for less.
  • Billboards: Creative witty slogans and art within high traffic areas.
  • Mobile Advertising: Banners, and text campaigns.
  • Stadium Sponsorship: Directional Signage, concessions stands, stadium signage, jumbo tron and Logo rights.
  • Magazines, newspapers, Penny Saver, and menu advertising.
  • Direct Mail Advertising Campaigns: We can mail post cards to any demographic area.
  • Promotional Items: Pens, ball caps, T-shirts, door hangers, and magnets, etc.
  • Customized: Lyrics, music and jingles can be made to order for your company parties, radio promotions or website.
  • Call Tracking Reports. Recorded or click reports, to help monitor your advertising. 24/7 online access. No more “guessing” that your advertising is working.

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