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NDMR is a full-service agency for all of your marketing needs. And when we say all, we really mean all. We want to be a part of your marketing team, which means we want you to succeed as much as you do! Basically we custom-tailor services for what you actually needread more


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With every client, we take time to look at the science and process behind marketing to ensure you're getting a perfectly tailored strategy. We analyze, optimize, and monetize to deliver you exactly the resources you need…read more


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We are here to provide our clients with a full-service marketing strategy that works for each individual's needs. Our goal is to help you attract leads, convert prospects, and retain clients through engaging traditional and digital marketing strategies…read more

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It’s 2015-Organize Your Team Online

Due to the high volume of virtual employees, freelancers and temp workers, companies have started introducing online collaboration tools in order for their teams to stay organized. Whether you’re a forty person team, or a ten person team, it helps having a central platform to make sure everyone is on

Pokemon IRL

For those mid-twenties Pokemon Master dreamers who always wanted to catch ‘em all but were all too aware of the fact that Pokemon aren’t real… you can dream again. Nintendo is making your wishes come true with Pokemon Go – an app that lets you actually track and catch these

Landing Leads With LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a strong location for lead generation. There are several ways to utilize LinkedIn in a way that can turn it into a lead generation machine. Use keywords like you would on a landing page or blog post to increase your exposure across the platform. Determine which keywords you

Commonly Misused Phrases

Do you get the urge to cringe and loudly correct someone when you hear them say “irregardless,” or “exspecially?” Are you someone who didn’t see anything wrong with the use of those two words? If you’re in the latter, we have news for you: those aren’t words. There are just

Apple’s Keynote: What Now?

Apple has done what it’s famous for doing yet again: big reveals at their September Keynote address. This time new products, new accessories, and new features were abundant along with the typical “S” upgrade to the iPhone. In case you missed the live event, here’s everything you need to know

Facebook: Your Fantasy Football Quarterback

Are you ready for football season with your very own Fantasy league ready to play? If not, good ol’ Facebook might be able to help! That’s right, you heard correctly, the social site is here to lend a hand in getting your leagues up and running quickly! How you might

Google’s New Look

Google is infamous for shaking things up, and today is no different! With a cute little animation, Google’s revealed a clean new logo design! Google’s reasoning for the update originates from the growing number of devices Google is used on. With tablets and watches and countless others platforms being introduced

Google Launches New Program Aimed at Home Service Industry

Google recently announced a new feature in AdWords Express – Home Services Ads, which will allow local businesses to be ranked on top search pages. As far as Google tools go, this service will play a critical roll in boosting traffic on a more targeted and personal level. Similar to